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“We treat Patients like family. My warm and helpful staff make you feel welcome in the comfort of our offices designed to look like home while you receive care that reflects the latest technology.”   

– Dr. Bisby

Welcome To The Neurology Center of Excellence

What Do We Treat?

We treat diseases in the brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system), peripheral nerves (nerves connecting the brain and spine to the organs, like the lungs or liver), and muscles. Neurological diseases can include headaches; epilepsy; stroke; movement disorders, such as tremor or Parkinson’s disease; and many others.

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No months of waiting for an appointment. We take your neurological concerns very seriously and make it a point to see you as soon as possible. Contact us via telephone or come into our office today to speak with one of our staff member. We look forward to seeing you at the Neurology Center of Excellence.

Neurology Center of Excellence


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Neurology Center of Excellence