Knowing Alzheimer’s disease causes could help you prevent someone you love from contracting Alzheimer’s disease, but if you have a loved one who already has Alzheimer’s, contact the Neurology Center of Excellence in Lady Lake and see how your loved one could receive Alzheimers treatment. We know that Alzheimer’s can be frightening for both the person who has it and their family, and that is why we strive to provide the highest quality service to help those who are suffering, as well as information on Alzheimer’s disease causes. Contact us at Neurology Center of Excellence in Lady Lake to learn more about our treatment options and schedule an appointment today.


How Does Alzheimer’s Affect Someone?


Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease that affects certain people when they are aging. It is a progressive brain disorder which means that slowly destroys the brain’s ability to do a number of tasks. While one of the most well known symptoms of Alzheimer’s is a loss of memory, it also attacks the ability of the person to take care of themselves. The patient does not simply lose the memory of their family but also the memory of how to eat and breathe. Because they are unable to swallow or cough, the patient may choke on food particles or develop water in their lungs leading to pneumonia. These are often the immediate causes of death in a patient with Alzheimer’s. Once it begins, it lasts typically six to eight years from the onset symptoms until death.

Because people who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can have other age-related diseases, they may die prematurely from complications from one of these diseases. Those who are physically healthy when they are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s may last much longer than expected, up to fifteen or even twenty years.

Alzheimer’s Disease Causes


Alzheimer’s is usually genetic but there are other Alzheimer’s disease causes that are unavoidable that may impact the likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s. There are, however, other factors that are controllable that can help you keep Alzheimer’s in check.

Most of these involve leading a healthy lifestyle and staying active. Additionally, those people who stay mentally and socially engaged can potentially lessen their risk of getting Alzheimer’s. Be sure to encourage a healthy diet as well as regular exercise to promote a healthy cardiovascular system and manage the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Neurology Center of Excellence has Alzheimers treatment for those patients who may be in the early stages of their Alzheimer’s disease. If you have a loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, contact us at the Neurology Center of Excellence in Lady Lake or visit our website to see our different services and treatments.


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