Botox in The Villages Florida

We Now Carry Botox in The Villages Florida!

We Use Botox To Treat:

Chronic Migraines

• BOTOX ® is the first and only preventive treatment proven to reduce headache days every month

• BOTOX ® is the only FDA-approved preventive treatment that is injected by a doctor every 3 months for people with Chronic Migraine

• BOTOX ® prevents up to 9 headache days a month, vs up to 7 days for placebo injection

• BOTOX ® treatment is not approved for adults with migraine who have 14 or fewer headache days a month


“Facial/eyelid twitching”

In the early stages of blepharospasm, you may feel irritation and discomfort of the eyelids as well as increased blinking. 

Possible early symptoms:

• Dry eyes or watering eyes 

• Light sensitivity 

• Increased blinking

• Ocular pain

• Soreness around the eyes

Cervical Dystonia

Your head is stuck in an uncomfortable position. A tight tension causes spasms in your neck. You may be unable to look down. Cervical dystonia is a condition that causes the muscles in your neck to tighten or spasm without your control. With cervical dystonia, your head may turn in an unusual way, or it may be forced into an abnormal, uncomfortable position. This condition can be incredibly challenging and painful

Upper/Lower Limb Spactisity

The signs of upper limb spasticity Upper limb spasticity can result in signs that include: A tightness in your muscles of your elbow, wrist, fingers, or thumb. A wrist that is bent downward. An elbow that is flexed stiffly against your chest. A fist that is clenched A thumb that is curled into your palm

If you are searching for a provider of Botox in The Villages Florida, The Neurology Center of Excellence is able to help. We treat a myriad of conditions using this treatment and our patients have experienced great results. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.