Many people don’t realize that neurological problems can be relieved symptomatically through diet and exercise. If you have been searching for weight loss programs that promote a reduction in neurological issues and better living, you will love the Diet Center of Excellence which is located in the Neurology Center of Excellence in The Villages, FL.


This center is all about helping patients make a lifestyle change! This is not one of those weight loss programs one would use to just to lose a little weight. Completely changing the way patients eat and exercise for the long run is the key to achieving major success.


What Makes The Diet Center Different?


This is physician run diet center. Dr. Bisby consults and examines each patient to ensure that any medical conditions and important information is accounted for. Tina is the staff member who heads the Diet Center of Excellence and works with each patient in deciding which diet would give them the best results based upon their medical needs. Tina ran a diet center for ten years before coming to the Neurology Center of Excellence, making her an extraordinary addition to our team.


What Are Your Diet Plans Like?


At the Neurology Center of Excellence, we believe in a customized approach. Some patients have thyroid issues which causes a slower metabolism, some patients have gluten allergies and so on and so forth. Due to this, we offer a wide variety of diet plans at the Diet Center of Excellence such as:


  • Diabetic Diet
  • Gluten-Free Diet
  • Lean protein
  • Low Carb Plan
  • And much more…


All of our diets are divided into different phases (1, 2, 3). Phase one can seem restrictive, but as your lifestyle changes and your eating and exercise habits change, and you progress into levels 2 & 3, you can add more food options to your plan.


Phase 3 is more of a maintenance type phase (how you would eat the rest of your life).


How Long Do These Phases Last?

How long each phase lasts is completely dependent on the person on the diet program. Some have higher or slower metabolism. Some have a thyroid disorder, meaning it will take longer to lose weight. Results also vary based upon how well each patient sticks to the diet and exercise regimen.


What Is the Exercise Portion Like?


What comes along with each diet plan is an exercise plan. You do not need to have any exercise experience. This portion is divided into phases as well. Phase 1 consists of a very generic exercise plan. You must follow a specific amount of sets and reps per each exercise assigned. In phase 2 the intensity increases, as it should because as you eat right and exercise right, it will take more work to challenge your muscles which have now become stronger. By the time you are in Phase 3, you will have embraced a great diet and exercise plan that you will use for life.


Other Weight Loss Programs Cannot Compare…


Collectively, in the Diet Center of Excellence, our patients have lost somewhere between 3k-4k pounds! This figure has been achieved since the creation of the Diet Center of Excellence in November 2016 (10 months).


How Does It All Work?


Upon deciding that you are ready to achieve results and live a healthier lifestyle patients must complete an Initial consultation with the doctor (included in the package). Once Doctor Bisby has seen the patient and examined, the patient is then turned over to Tina. Tona will discuss the different diets and recommend the one that best suits your body and medical needs.


There will be a weekly checkup held in order to ensure that patients are staying on track and the prescribed supplements and meals/exercises are being completed. Counseling is available when patients need help.


Our physician is licensed to dispense supplements right in the office which leads to even more convenience for our patients.


Contact The Diet Center of Excellence!


As you can see, the Diet Center of Excellence is very different from other weight loss programs in the Villages, FL. The staff at the Neurology Center of Excellence and the Diet Center of Excellence feel strongly about helping others accomplish major lifestyle changes in order to live a better life. Contact us right away to speak with our physician and get started on your journey to a healthier you. Contact us Today!