Diagnosing multiple sclerosis is not something that is done the same way each time. Doctors have a variety of tests at the ready to make sure that they get the most accurate diagnosis possible. If you are wondering how to test for MS and you would like more information or guidance, contact the Neurology Center of Excellence. They are a neurologist Lady Lake FL trusts to assist them in treating and diagnosing MS. With their convenient location near the Villages, you can be certain to have them accessible whenever you need them.


1) MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

This option is the most non-invasive way of testing the patient for MS and it is the typically preferred way of diagnosing the disease. This is because this method is the method that does not utilize radiation, unlike a CT or an X-ray. The MRI, instead, measures the relative water content in tissues—both normal and abnormal—through magnetic fields and radio waves. It is limited, however, when the patient does not present lesions at the time of diagnosis. As the lesions are the sign utilized to diagnose the patient, if the patient does not them then the diagnosis will be inaccurate with just an MRI.


2) CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid)

CSF is the cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid has the primary function of cushioning the brain and serve as a shock absorber for the central nervous system, it also works to circulate nutrients and chemicals filtered from the blood. It also removes waste products from brain. Because of this it can be useful to look at when you are trying to diagnose MS. By performing a “spinal tap,” wherein the doctor removes the fluid with a hollow needle, the doctor can check your CSF for elevated levels of a particular type of antibody and oligoclonal bands. These can be indicators of MS found in your cerebrospinal fluid.


3) EP (Evoked Potentials)

Evoked potential tests measure the electrical activity of the brain in response to stimulation. These tests are specialized to be able to detect the subtle changes that occur when damage has been done to the pathways wherein electrical conduction takes place. When these nerve pathways are damaged, the electrical conduction slows down but it is typically nearly undetectable, making it necessary for doctors to perform the EP tests to confirm their effect.


How to test for MS

In order to have any of these tests performed, you must visit a neurologist. They can tell you how to test for MS, which methods they will utilize for your diagnosing, and they will be able to give you a course of treatment should you actually have multiple sclerosis.

If you are looking for a neurologist Lady Lake FL residents recommend, contact the Neurology Center of Excellence to speak to a neurologist about receiving treatment.

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