What Is Huntington’s Disease?

Huntington’s disease is very serious and can be fatal. It causes nerves in the brain to break down and can deteriorate the patient’s physical and mental abilities. This disease can be very disheartening and affect you in your prime. Huntington’s is a genetic disorder and if a child has a parent with HD, they have a 50% chance of having the disease passed down to them. The symptoms of the disease will appear usually around the age of 30 to 50, during ones working career. Unfortunately, the symptoms worsen with time. Luckily, the span of the symptoms worsening is 10 to 25 years so one may not have horrible symptoms right away, but in time, the symptoms will progressively feel more aggressive.


How Is It Treated?


There is no cure for Huntington’s Disease but there are many treatment options that can help patients live a normal life and feel better, such as therapies and medication. If a patient is having a hard time communicating, the Neurology Center of Excellences’ trained professionals can suggest speech and occupational therapies. We also guide you through the therapies. Since the disease breaks down the patient’s mental and physical being, it is important that they stay active. Exercise helps build stronger muscles and can also help with one’s mental being. There are medications the patient can take that are usually given in liquid form and can have side effects such as tiredness.  


There are around 30,000 people who experience symptoms of HD and over 200,000 people are at risk for inheriting the disease (http://hdsa.org/what-is-hd/). This is an astronomical amount of people. It is important that if you develop any symptoms such as mood swings, weight loss, abnormal walking, compulsive behavior, and more, that you seek medical attention immediately.

Who Can Treat My Disease?

The neurologists at the Neurology Center of Excellence can treat your Huntington’s Disease. We will work closely with you to treat all of your symptoms so you can live as normal as possible. We know how difficult it can be to deal with this disease and we are here to help. When you are looking for a neurologist to treat your Huntington’s Disease, contact the Neurology Center of Excellence to schedule an appointment at 352-750-6387 or visit our website! Ncexcellence.com


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