There are a number of reasons that you may be suffering from memory loss. Neurology Center of Excellence near The Villages knows that memory loss causes come from a variety of ailments and issues. As a neurologist with experience, we have seen memory loss that came about as a result from an array of reasons and, as such, we are prepared to handle your memory loss regardless of why it may be affecting you. If you are suffering from memory loss and you would like to get help diagnosing the causes of it so that you can begin treatment, we at the Neurology Center of Excellence are here for you. Contact us to learn more.

Sleep Apnea


This disorder causes people to stop breathing briefly while they are sleeping. As a result, people can spend most of their night staying awake from the lack of oxygen going to their brain. This has negative consequences in more than one ways. On the one hand, it causes less oxygen to be going to the brain which can cause neural issues that lead to memory loss. On the other hand, it also causes the patient to have less REM sleep, which is linked with memory. When the patient lacks REM sleep as a result of sleep apnea, this can make it harder for them to remember things.



There are actually a number of prescription drugs that can cause memory loss. Typically, if you are experiencing memory loss as a result of your medication, this is an indicator that the medication needs to be adjusted. Sleeping pills, antihistamines, anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants, certain painkillers, cholesterol-lowering medication, and diabetes medication can cause problems.


Anxiety & Depression


Stress that may come as a result of or in conjunction with anxiety and depression can be a cause of memory loss. This is especially true when the patient is balancing a number of different elements all at once. That can affect their ability to perform their daily functions because of their exhaustion and subsequently causes memory loss.




Though not as common as the other memory loss causes, infection and tumors can be the causes of memory loss. If there is severe infection near or around the brain, this can lead to memory loss. Additionally, if the patient is suffering from a brain tumor, this can have an impact on memory whether directly or indirectly.


Other Memory Loss Causes


There are a number of different reasons that someone may suffer from memory loss. The best way to determine the source of your memory loss is to speak to a neurologist about the symptoms that you are experiencing so that you can get accurate guidance.


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