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Common MS Symptoms


When someone is experiencing an MS flare up, it is when their immune system mistakenly attacks the central nervous system, starting with the myelin sheath, the insulating layer of protein and fat that protects the part of the nerve cell. This tends to disrupt parts of the brain and other parts of the body, causing signs and MS symptoms such as vision loss, balance problems, fatigue, numbness, and tingling. Some symptoms will be long lasting, and others will come and go, however, the most common type are known as relapsing-remitting.


This is known as a flare up. When a patient experiences a relapse, it will most likely happen 30 days after your symptoms occur. All symptoms should be similar and last for about 24 hours at a time. Some patients experience acute symptoms, which means they will come and go from time to time.


MS symptoms to be aware of:


  • Severe fatigue
  • Numbness and tingling in arms and legs
  • Eye pain or blurred vision
  • Weakness
  • Balance Difficulties
  • Bladder or bowel problems


Causes of a flare up:


Flares are caused by inflammation in the central nervous system that damages areas of the myelin. Exactly what triggers this is hard to pinpoint and is different for each patient.


To Prevent Flare Ups Patients Should:


  • Drink plenty of water to flush out bacteria
  • Urinate when they feel the urge
  • See doctor for regular visits to avoid any complications


MS flare ups can be treated by getting a lot of rest and steroids to relieve the pain. You want to let your body relieve the pain or tingling as much as possible so you can feel comfortable and get the best treatment for your MS symptoms. When you are feeling a flare up it is a good idea to find a neurologist near me who can see you and make sure your symptoms are not any more serious than before. Neurology Center of Excellence is here to make sure you are on the road to recovery and keep you on a treatment plan that works for you.  

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