What is Neuropathy?


Typically found in individuals who are 40 years of age and up, neuropathy cannot be classified as one individual disease, but rather a culmination of several conditions which results in pain for those whom it inflicts. The cause of this pain can be pinpointed down to a damage to one or more of your Peripheral Nerves. Thankfully, at the Neurology Center of Excellence. Our Neurologist Lady Lake FL residents highly recommend (Dr. Sheri Bisby) has been able to successfully provide neuropathy treatment for this type of problem and even help patients reverse it!


Are My Burning/Painful Feet Neuropathy? I Am Not Diabetic.

YES! As blood vessels travel away from the heart, they get smaller and smaller. The tiniest blood vessels are in your feet.  These small blood vessels are prone to blockages due to their small size. People with diabetes or high cholesterol experience more blockages earlier, but everyone gets it eventually.


The word “neuropathy” means nerve (neuro) disease (pathy), and indicates generalized nerve damage.  Reversible causes include having obtained chemotherapy, vitamin deficiencies, and toxic exposures, but the most common cause by far is vascular disease.


Vascular disease is when the arteries become blocked due to a buildup of cholesterol or plaque. This disrupts the flow of blood and can lead to severe consequences.


How To Test For Neuropathy


The diagnosis is made by conducting an electrical test on your nerves.  Damage is length dependent, so it is likely to be in the arms when the damage in the lower extremities reaches the knees.  This is like testing electrical wires. The test will tell us if the damage is to the inside of the nerve or if the insulation on the nerve is damaged.  This test also tells us what the likely cause of the injury is. It also helps us determine how much of the discomfort is neuropathy related versus damage caused in the back.


We also use this test to determine if there is specific nerve damage, like carpal tunnel syndrome, versus damage coming from the neck or neuropathy. There is no reason to be in discomfort.  The squeezing, burning, walking on rocks discomfort can be easily and affordably treated non-narcoticly. Our Neuropathy treatment has provided amazing results for patients.


Back/Neck Pain Neuropathy the villages flWhat Should I Do If I Am Suffering From Neuropathy?


The first thing to note, is that you simply do not have to live with this pain. Through our in-depth examination, we will be able to pinpoint the root cause of your pain and be able to provide neuropathy treatment. Some items that you doctor may prescribe to you are painkillers, supplements and vitamins. It is important to consult with the top Neurologist Lady Lake FL has to offer, Dr. Sheri Bisby, to obtain quality care and a treatment plan.

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