A stroke is a very serious and even life threatening event, so if you are prone to strokes or have recently experienced one, you need to see our neurologist in Lady Lake, FL for stroke treatment. Our top rated neurologist (Dr. Bisby) cares about each individual patient and will always do everything she can to help with the healing process when you struggle with neurological complications. During a stroke, our doctor urges you to call 9-1-1 and go to the hospital immediately. Anytime you are struggling with a possibly life threatening event, you must call for help. If you have had strokes in the past and they weren’t as serious, never take the risk of not contacting someone right away for help because all it takes is one, and your life could come to halting stop.


What Is A Stroke?


neurologist for stroke the villages floridaA stroke occurs when blood flow to a certain area of the brain is cut off. The brain cells become deprived of oxygen and glucose so they die (they need these two things to survive). Make sure that when you show signs of a stroke, or after experiencing one, that you make an appointment to see our neurologist right away because if your symptoms are left untreated and a stroke is not caught early on, it can lead to permanent brain damage and even death. Some symptoms of a stroke may include:


  • Numbness of the face, arm, or leg 
  • Loss of vision in one or both eyes 
  • Loss of speech or difficulty talking and understanding what others are saying 
  • Sudden, severe headache 
  • Loss of balance


How Is It Treated?


Stroke treatment may differ depending on the type of stroke you have. For an Ischemic Stroke, your doctor will most likely put a clot-busting drug in your arm which you should receive within 3 hours of a stroke. You may also be advised to take aspirin or similar medications to thin your blood and keep it from clotting. Another option is to have your clot removed when you arrive at the hospital. For a Hemorrhagic Stroke, you may be prescribed medication to lower your blood pressure.


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When you experience a stroke and you need stroke treatment right away, call our neurologist in Lady Lake FL who can diagnose and treat your stroke. Our doctor can also discuss preventative measures with you so you do not have recurring strokes. To schedule an appointment, call us at 352-750-6387 or visit our website!

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