I Have Headaches…Are These Migraines?

Quite possibly.  Migraines are the most common headache by far.  In fact, 80% of “sinus headaches” and 85% of “tension headaches” are actually misdiagnosed migraines.  “Migraines” are symptoms caused by blood vessel dilation. They can cause stroke-like symptoms (numbness on one side of the body/slurred speech) and are misdiagnosed as TIA or dizziness that is misdiagnosed as vertigo.

Many patients complain of “sinus headaches” but don’t realize that during a migraine, a chemical called dopamine is released, which can cause nasal congestion and nausea.  Headaches left untreated are very dangerous and increase the risk for stroke.  Left unchecked, they can develop neuralgia and a scalp hypersensitivity condition called allodynia, which makes the scalp so tender it becomes painful to brush your own hair.  

Cluster headaches last about an hour, but cause searing pain, usually around the eye, with redness and tearing.  Patients respond very well to oxygen treatment.  Pseudotumor cerebri is a headache type resulting from increased pressure in the spinal fluid.  Typically this occurs in young obese females, but not always.  Left untreated, this condition can cause blindness, as can temporal arteritis, an inflammatory disease causing headaches.  Sharp, shooting pain is called neuralgia.  If it occurs in the face, it’s called trigeminal neuralgia.  If it happens in the head, it’s called occipital neuralgia.  

headache doctor the villagesThere are many preventatives that say they work, but really there are only a handful that actually give results.  It is very important to take charge of your headaches, or they can easily take over your life.  We use methods to break the headache cycle, then prevent the pain from coming back.

97% of severe headaches resolve with the IV DHE five-day treatment.  Other treatment options include Botox, which is usually covered under insurance.  Don’t live in pain, we can help!


Don’t take over the counter meds that ruin your stomach and rebound. Have a Diamond Headache scholar show you how to control your headaches…no referral needed!

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