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I Have Memory Loss…Is This Alzheimer’s?

memory loss doctor lady lake, flMAYBE NOT! Dementia is abnormal memory loss. The most common cause of dementia is vascular dementia, which is characterized by the random blocking of tiny blood vessels in your head. Vascular dementia can actually be easily prevented.

Nerves that are switched on abnormally, to constantly fire, can also cause memory loss. These nerve issues can often be easily diagnosed and treated!  

Frontal Temporal Dementia is memory loss with prominent loss of our internal referee.  Life without a filter.  This condition can also cause hallucinations.  The behavior of these patients is difficult to manage but an experienced practitioner makes a huge difference.  

Lewy Body dementia is memory loss with Parkinson’s disease symptoms; slow shuffling movement with a resting “pill rolling” tremor.  

Finally, we have Alzheimer’s dementia (which my mother suffers from).  There is a brain scan available that can identify Alzheimer’s plaques in the brain (not the commonly ordered PET scan).  This scan is only currently available through research studies.  We are a Principal Investigator in this study.

Where Is Memory Stored?

The temporal lobe is responsible for memory.  The areas of speech production are right next door, so often memory loss and word-finding problems go together.  There is a roadway from where experiences come into short term memory to where they are stored in the long-term memory.  This is the target spot of damage in dementia.

Is Memory Loss Reversible?

We used to think that once brain cells died, it was done, but now we know better.  Consider someone who has a stroke paralyzing their right side.  Then they go to rehab and gain their strength back on that side.  Does that mean the brain cells grow back??  Actually, there is a concept called neuroplasticity.  Brain cells don’t grow back, but…when you exercise you produce a chemical called BDNF which is like miracle grow for the brain.  This allows you to make new connections to normal brain tissue that can do the work of the damaged tissue.  All it takes is 20 minutes of walking at least 4 times per week!!  

When we evaluate someone for memory loss, the first thing we do is look for “pseudodementia”.  These are what we call elements that cause memory loss that appear like dementia, but are curable!  Pain, anxiety, depression and sleep problems can all significantly impact memory yet they can be fixed!

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