Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a serious diagnosis and it is important that the doctor you entrust to help you in this journey is knowledgeable about the disease and its treatment. The Neurology Center of Excellence in Lady Lake, Florida can assist you in managing your Multiple Sclerosis and finding MS treatment.


What is it?


Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the brain and spinal cord wherein your immune system targets the myelin, or protective layer, covering your nerve fibers and attacks it. This can cause problems in the communication between your body and your brain and the way that they interact. When the disease advances, it can cause the nerves to deteriorate and become permanently damaged.


Depending on the nerve damage that you incur and the distinct nerves that are affected, your symptoms may vary widely in severity. While some people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis experience no new symptoms with long periods of remission, others may lose the capacity to walk without assistance or at all. Other symptoms include:


  •         Numbness or tingling in the limbs
  •         Loss of vision, either partial or complete
  •         Unsteady gait when you walk
  •         Dizziness and fatigue
  •         Loss of bladder control


As of right now, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis. There are, however, ways to ensure recovery more quickly from attacks as well as manage your daily symptoms.

Will MS Cause Me To Be In a Wheelchair?

PROBABLY NOT!  Most people with MS live normal lifespan lives with no limitations or disability.  The key is to work with an MS professional who is aggressive about not allowing any lesions to occur without a fight.  There are many treatment options that can be confusing but there are extremely safe, extremely effective treatments with little to no side effects.  Dr. Bisby has multiple publications in the MS field and is the leading MS Neurologist in the area!

There are also things that look like MS that are not and unless your doctor is familiar with these, you can go misdiagnosed for years!  Make sure you are in the hands of the best in the field!


multiple sclerosis doctor lady lake flWhat is available for MS treatment?


Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis does not seek to rectify the disease as there is no known cure for it. Instead, treatment focus on helping you recover from attacks. For this, your doctor may prescribe corticosteroids for nerve inflammation and muscle relaxants for pain or nerve spasms. They may also recommend physical therapy to help you maintain mobility as well as prescribe a number of other medicines for fatigue, depression, or bladder control.


⦁ Touch therapy
⦁ Acupuncture
⦁ Caregiver/Individual Counseling
⦁ Research Medications
⦁ Deep tissue massage (Ins covered)
⦁ Weight reduction program
⦁ IV Myers cocktail/Glutathione
⦁ Trigger point/facet injections

⦁ Latest Medications
⦁ Hybresis
⦁ Nutrition Counseling
⦁ Botox for spasticity
⦁ Neuropsychological testing
⦁ Physical/Occup/Speech Therapy
⦁ Medication creams
⦁ Home equipment (ins covered)

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You do not have to take on Multiple Sclerosis alone. By seeking help, you can determine if the symptoms you are experiencing are, in fact, Multiple Sclerosis and what your options are as far as MS treatment. The Neurology Center of Excellence in Lady Lake, Florida can guide you in handling your Multiple Sclerosis. Schedule an appointment today to be seen by our neurologist.

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