Parkinson’s Disease, Benign Essential Tumor & Myasthenia


Parkinson’s Disease

parkinsons disease doctor lady lake florida“I have Parkinson’s Disease…can I manage it instead of it managing me?”

YES! Parkinson’s (PD) responds best to dopamine replacement, but if your doctor does not fully understand the disease, you can experience easily avoidable side effects like dizziness, nausea and stomach cramps.

Control your life, don’t let PD do it for you. Medication effects can be easily managed…no referral needed!


Benign Essential Tremor

benign essential tremor“My hands shake…do I have Parkinson’s Disease?”

Maybe Not! Typical Parkinson’s (PD) is a resting tremor that looks like rolling a pill between your finger and thumb, usually accompanied by slowed movement, shuffling feet, decreased blink and facial expression.

Most patients who come in worried about Parkinson’s disease have a benign essential tremor. Stop worrying and find out for sure…no referral needed!


Myasthenia Gravis

myasthenia gravias doctor neurologist lady lake, fl“I have generalized weakness, could this be a disease?”

Yes it could be! Diseases like myasthenia gravis (MG) cause progressive weakness and are easily diagnosed and treated. Left undiagnosed, these disease can cause respiratory compromise and even death.

Don’t brush off progressive weakness to old age. Get evaluated before your life could be threatened…no referral needed!

• Caregiver Program
• Accupuncture
• Nutrition Counseling
• Latest Medications
• Touch therapy
• OT/Memory Therapy-Insurance Covered!

⦁ Steroid/trigger point injections
⦁ Deep tissue massage – Insurance-covered!
⦁ Counseling
⦁ Weight reduction program
⦁ IV Myers Cocktail/Hydrogen peroxide
⦁ IV glutathione/GPC
⦁ Nerve Conduction Studies